AREEF (UD4M) in YTN – Korean TV


Global Technology Collaboration – AREEF as a success story

YTN – [특집: 기술한류 – 글로벌 협력을 주도한다] — 프라운호퍼연구소와 수중증강현실 기술개발을 수행하고 있는 UD4M사 방문 및 인터뷰 내용입니다.


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The AREEF project in the Fraunhofer FIT annual report 2011

Swimming with virtual sharks —

“Augmented Reality technology adds virtual objects to live images of the real world, in the simplest case adding a virtual ten yards line to the video of a football match. While current applications are limited to dry environments, Fraunhofer FIT works on the aquatic use of Augmented Reality.”

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AREEF at A New Europe Special Report, March 2012

A New Europe Special Report (March 2012) introduces AREEF

“AREEF, a Korean-German collaborative R&D project funded by the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT) takes the idea of using AR (Augmented Reality) technology under water to a new level and is charting out how this innovation could be used for creating marketable and fun-to-use entertainment and edutainment applications for swimming pools. The project is not only working on a novel topic in itself, but it also marks a new level of Korean-European collaboration, as it is the first KIAT funded international collaborative R&D project that is led by a European partner.”

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