Fraunhofer FIT Fraunhofer FIT (Germany)

The Mixed and Augmented Reality Solutions (MARS) group within the Institute for Applied Information Technology – Fraunhofer FIT which is one of 59 Fraunhofer institutes focuses on all aspects related to Mixed Reality (MR) environments. This includes mobile and stationary MR systems, 3D rendering, the development of tangible and multimodal user interfaces, tracking hardware, computer vision, and the support and study of collaboration through technology.

Highlights of technology development in the past three years include the world’s first
Underwater Augmented Reality system prototype, a Mobile Augmented Reality game
with perspective correct 3D rendering that was staged in the city of Cologne,
and a bare-handed 3D finger-tracking and gesture-recognition system that can
distinguish between hands and fingers from multiple users.

Fraunhofer FIT leads the AREEF project consortium and also the development of the underwater AR software infrastructure.


EUMTECH  EUMTECH Co., Ltd. (Korea)

Since its foundation  in March 2003, the EUMTECH conducts many technology development projects in the two major areas: (1) Mobile application development on the Android as well as on the Windows Mobile platforms and (2) Solution development for SSD (Solid State Drive).

Recently, EUMTECH has finished a co-development project with GA Group in SAMSUNG electronics and also successfully developed application and system software on Android based on the MID (Mobile Internet Device). Examples of the application developed are: (a) Media player on SAMSUNG android MID and (b) E-Book Reader on SAMSUNG android MID. The on-going project [Development of Interactive
EDTS (Energy Driving Tutoring System) based on Human Factor and Circumstantial Recognition], which is funded by the Korean MKE from June 2010 to February 2013 is the most relevant project to the AREEF project.



The advanced engineering firm TRUBICON is specialized in the conception and development of distributed and mobile data management applications and systems, working on IT solutions for Intelligent Knowledge Management and Process Automation. Additionally, TRUBICON is also specialized in the development and
coordination of international projects, especially between Korean and German or European organizations.

In the project AREEF, TRUBICON will work with the following tasks:

  • Project and IPR management, exploitation and dissemination
  • Requirement analysis, use case development and demonstrator design
  • User testing, public demonstration, marketing and product


UD4M  UD4M (Korea)

UD4M (United Dimensions for millennium Co.) is established in 2004. Since its foundation, the UD4M serves all kinds of 3d contents production R&D techniques and
making CGI Motion picture. The main activity areas of the UD4M are:

  • CF/ Special Effects, 3D CGI Motion Picture Production
  • Video Production
  • 3D Stereoscopic contents / Game Visuals
  • Exhibition / Simulation
  • Contents Creation, Mobile Base AR / VR contents development
  • Government Research and Development projects

With UD4M the projects gets an excellent partner for the production of the actual 3D content which is important to create stunning games and inspire people of this innovative technology.